Surveying Municipalities on Online Transactions for Business

BizPaL ( is an online service that benefits Canadian businesses by helping them identify which permits and licences they require to start and/or run a business, and how to obtain them.

Currently, only about three percent of the permits, licences and other requirements listed in BizPaL allow businesses to apply online. Around forty percent offer printable forms (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word) and more than half do not offer any type of form online.

Putting transactions online has significant benefits for businesses, for the government, and for the economy overall. To help realize these benefits, the BizPaL partnership is interested in understanding more about the current state of online applications for business permits and licences. In particular, we would like to explore:

· Which online application solutions are currently being used by Canadian municipalities
· What are the barriers to the implementation of an online solution
· What types of common solutions or partnerships would help more municipalities to put services online

Completing the Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been commissioned by the BizPaL initiative.

We appreciate the support of Canadian municipalities in completing this questionnaire about online applications for business permits and licences. Ideally this questionnaire would be completed by the manager responsible for business services and/or IT solutions.

Not all questions are mandatory, but we appreciate your efforts to provide as much information as possible. The questionnaire should take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

All participants in the questionnaire will be provided with a summary of the results.

If you experience any difficulties completing the questionnaire, please contact Annie Crombie at or 613-863-9569.

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