Spirit of Innovation Award

Each year during the Municipal Showcase segment of the MISA BC fall conference, local government members present an information technology solution to their peers. This opportunity to share ideas allows all members to benefit from the collective experiences and innovations of each other. The Spirit of Innovation Award recognizes the local government member whose presentation provides the most beneficial, innovative, and valuable solution to any obstacle faced by local government.

How To Participate

Presentations during the Municipal Showcase are 30 minutes in length which includes time to answer questions from the audience. Content must be a new information technology solution that benefits the operation of a department, or local government as a whole. The definition of a new information technology solution is the implementation of a new leading edge product or device, or the adoption of a new idea or methodology.

To share your innovative solution with your local government peers and present in the Municipal Showcase, contact showcase@misa.bc.ca and provide your contact information, the title of your presentation, and a brief description of content. Spaces are limited and fill up fast, be sure to save your spot as soon as possible!


Delegates will determine which Municipal Showcase presentation is most deserving of The Spirit of Innovation Award via online survey provided at the end of the final presentation. Evaluation guidelines will be provided in the survey and are as follows:

1. Innovation
The solution must introduce a new idea, a new methodology, or be an implementation of a new leading edge product or device in the municipal environment.

2. Value
The solution must provide real benefit to the operation of a department, or to local government as a whole.

3. Impact
The solution must be applicable to some degree to other local governments.

This year’s winner will receive a delegate pass to next year’s MISA Prairies Annual Conference!

Past Winners

2016 City of Trail
2015 City of Nanaimo
2014 Township of Langley
2013 City of Nanaimo
2012 City of Langley
2011 City of Victoria
2010 City of Edmonton
2009 City of Airdrie
2008 City of Airdrie
2007 City of Nanaimo
2006 City of Kamloops
2005 Regional District of Comox Strathcona
2004 District of North Vancouver
2003 City of Kelowna
2002 City of Nanaimo
2001 City of Kamloops
2000 City of Vancouver
1999 City of Kamloops
1998 City of Vancouver