Presentation: Shaw Business

PrintThe Win-Win of Flexible Work for Municipalities

Workstations sit empty up to 60% of the time. More than half of Canadian workers report they are most productive outside of traditional work hours and 82% would change jobs for the opportunity to work from home. The case for a flexible work isn’t a hard one to make.

According to the 2015 Canadian CIO Consensus report, 48% of organizations do not have a formal mobility strategy but are “working on one”. Municipalities across the country are no exception. In fact they have more to gain from flexible work than most.

In this session you’ll learn how municipalities are using flexible work to drive two different,
yet complementary sets of benefits. Internally, flexible work can deliver cost savings and
improve employee engagement. More broadly, communities can attract talent and business,
improve livability, and reduce stress on infrastructure.

Presented by

DavidPotterDavid Potter, Director of Business Development from WORKshift

Since 2009, WORKshift Canada has been changing the way people work by encouraging the adoption of flexible work practices. As the only not-for-profit in Canada strictly devoted to this end, WORKshift has become a brand trusted by cities and employers for excellence in supporting flexible work and creating tangible change.