Presentation: Scalar

ScalarW50Cloud – Security & Success

“To shine a light on getting to Cloud in a safe, secure and privacy compliant manner.”

  1. Ensure effective governance, risk, and compliance processes exist
  2. Audit operational & business processes
  3. Manage, people, roles and identities
  4. Ensure proper protection of data
  5. Enforce privacy policies
  6. Assess security provisions for cloud applications
  7. Ensure secure cloud networks and connections
  8. Evaluate security of physical infrastructure and facilities
  9. Manage security terms in the service agreement
  10. Understand the security requirements of the exit process


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Craig PayneCraig Payne

Craig has over 26 years’ experience in a wide variety of operations, technical and leadership roles in sales and the enterprise space. During that time, he has worked in the public and private sector (service provider and vendor teams). He has strong research and analytical abilities to find and utilize information. He has great problem-solving skills with the ability to communicate points clearly. For the past 16 years his focus has been in the areas of network security, architecture/design, service development, and sales engineering.