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ltsaParcelMap BC and Local Governments

The LTSA is currently developing ParcelMap BC, creating a single, complete, trusted and sustainable electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC.

While the provincial government and many local governments have individually compiled portions of a provincial parcel fabric, the several disparate parcel fabrics that exist today are maintained on a “best efforts” basis. Existing spatial data aggregated by the Integrated Cadastral Information Society(link is external) (ICI Society) from the provincial government and participating local governments is being consolidated, missing parcels are being compiled, and an ongoing operation and maintenance framework has been developed. ParcelMap BC will be continually updated by the ParcelMap BC Operations Team with support from the Surveyor General Division of the LTSA to ensure its currency.

Intuitive map-based access to this information will improve business efficiencies for government and private industry, and provide value to the general public.

myLTSA customers can search for property information using an electronic web map via the ParcelMap BC Search service. ParcelMap BC will also be accessible through participating stakeholders to their members free of charge under an agreement with the LTSA via the ParcelMap Direct service.

The ParcelMap BC fabric is being completed in regional increments, with the Metro Vancouver area being the final region, available by mid-2017. See ParcelMap BC Available Regions.

Presented by

Brian Greening, Director, ParcelMap BC Operations