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BellH50Mobile Enrollment Made Easy

Our greatest and most valuable resource is time.  It takes time to assess and mitigate risks with corporate wireless devices, it takes time to deploy and manage corporate wireless devices, and it takes time for end users to enroll or comply with the mobile policies designed to effectively address these things.  This session will help you learn more about new tools and technology introduced this year that will save time when it comes to device enrollment, managing risk, and controlling mobile devices.  Time is not the only resource that can be recovered as there are significant financial and security benefits that are realized as well.

By investing your time to attend this session your return will be far greater after learning more on how to leverage new tools and technology to enable your people.

Presented by:

Mark PilskalnietisMark Pilskalnietis

Mark is considered an expert in wireless solutions and has a background of more than 10 years of experience related to wireless products and services designed to enable end users and assist sales and IT teams be more productive.  Over the course of his career he has successfully developed and grown market presence in business channels for Research In Motion / Blackberry and more recently leading Business Channel Sales with Samsung Electronics in Canada.  Mark is an innovative thinker and continually sees new opportunities to position tools and technology so that the people using them can be successful an ever changing mobile environment.  He is committed to enabling channel partners, sales executives and IT teams by providing industry leading guidance on mobile solutions, security, and deployment strategies