Presentation: Adoxio

adoxioCase Studies for the use of CRM in Municipalities

Come learn about how the Township of Langley, City of Brampton, San Diego, New York City and others are using CRM to modernize how they provide services to citizens.

Learn how other local governments are leveraging IT solutions to maximize engagement within their community by managing citizen feedback and complaints, allowing them to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, while providing transparency and accountability to citizens.

By attending this session, you’ll hear how other municipalities just like yours have seen success through various CRM based solutions, as well as how you can apply this solution to your long term vision to effectively address neighborhood concerns

Presented by:

Grant AdoxioGrant McLarnon, CEO Adoxio Business Solutions

Grant McLarnon brings 20 years of CRM consulting experience from living and working around the globe, his passion for building competent, hard-working, and fun teams is contagious.  Formerly a Managing Partner in Adxstudio, a CRM portals company which was sold to Microsoft in 2015, Grant is now CEO of Adoxio Business Solutions.

Grant has developed a reputation as a thought leader in the public sector space, as he has worked with numerous organizations and municipalities across North America, Europe, and the Middle East bringing innovative yet practical implementations to streamline services. He loves getting to know his clients and building real-world value using solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.