Municipal Showcase – Tuesday @ 11:30

MySurrey Transforming Online Service Delivery

Over the past 7 Months we have undertaken the initiative to transform how we deliver our services online to customers.  A key component of this transformation is the launch of our MySurrey Portal (   Our goal is to create a consistent experience for our customers across all services at the city via this portal.  Available Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device.  We have just started on this journey and are making great progress but we are faced with the challenge of having over 50+ services that need to be delivered within the portal.  What make our journey unique is that we have taken the “Open source” type mindset and we are looking for partnering municipalities to join us in our journey.  We are open to sharing what we have built, partnering with other municipalities to co-build functionality, or trading functionality that we have built for other services that others may have already built.

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Jason Boyes