Keynote Speakers

Dream ITMISA BC’s Fall Conference keynote speakers promise to not only provide insight into their areas of expertise, but also motivate the MISA BC community to consider the future of technology in local government. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from those who are pushing DREAM IT into reality – Tools, People, Technology.

We regret that Dr. Helen Papagiannis will be unable to speak at the Conference as originally scheduled.  We are very pleased to be able to welcome Leah Hunter as our Keynote speaker on Wednesday, September 20th

Day 1: Tod Maffin

Todd MaffinYoutubeTod Maffin is president of engageQ digital, a digital marketing agency.  He is co-author of TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization and two other books.  His energetic, upbeat, jargon-free and highly entertaining presentation style ensures that audiences are not only captivated and engaged, but entertained and motivated. In January 1999, he founded MindfulEye, an artificial intelligence firm that developed the patented Lexant technology to perform syntactic analysis on public opinion comments posted on the Internet and aired in the media, thus providing a “mood monitor” of stocks. MindfulEye went public in 18 months and precipitated a meteoric rise in his popularity as a technology futurist. Today, thousands of professionals in the international media, technology, and business communities follow Tod’s insights.  Learn more about Tod


Day 2: Leah Hunter

LeahHunterWhat does the future hold? Journalist and innovation speaker Leah Hunter is investigating just that. In her Fast Company articles and forthcoming book series The Future Hunter, Leah takes a look at technology’s place in business, media, medicine, education, and the world and provides a comprehensive trend forecast.

Leah has spent 15 years exploring the intersection of business, technology, culture, and design. She writes for Business Punk magazine, is the co-creator of the Design of Wearables series for California College of the Arts, was the editor of MISC Magazine, and is the former AVP of Innovation at Idea Couture. She has developed products and brand strategies for PepsiCo, M&M/Mars, Hershey’s, Heinz, P&G, Electrolux, Sephora, and Apple, among others. She guest lectures at NYU’s ITP, The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and UC Berkeley, and today works at Chief Ethnographer for the NYC-based consultancy Unreasonable Women: a group that puts women’s needs at the center of product, service, and workplace policy design. Leah Hunter writes about the human side of tech for Fast Company. She is currently writing a book and multi-media video/audio series entitled The Future Hunter. Learn more about Leah


Day 3: Steve Dotto

Steve DottoSteve Dotto possesses a unique, refreshing, and thought-provoking view of the world of technology and how it impacts our lives. He has a talent for looking at technology and understanding how it affects us, not just how it works and what it will do for us; Steve explains, with great insight and humour, the effect technology has on our work and personal lives!  Spending 15 years teaching Canadians how to use and embrace technology has given Steve a unique perspective on the changing world; a perspective that he shares with energy and passion. A background in comedy, including stints in theatre and with Second City, contribute to make Steve an engaging, relevant, often irreverent, and highly entertaining speaker. Learn more about Steve