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bc-governmentAdvancing Access to Data and Driving Innovation

Advancing access to data  – the importance of common data licensing, cataloguing and open development.

Five years ago the BC Government became the first provincial jurisdiction to develop open government licensing for data. This was done in collaboration with the Federal government and saw the province joining several municipalities that were already publishing open data.  While the release of data under the Open Government Licence standard fosters economic opportunities and is critical to maintaining  government transparency and citizen engagement, the province has also directly learned through its development of its provincial geocoder services that common licensing for data removes barriers, simplifies data sharing, integration and use.

This session will discuss the benefits of open data and data cataloguing, referencing two case studies :

a) the  open development of the BC Data Catalogue to advance the discovery of and access to BC’s data assets  and,

b) the development of the Physical Address Geocoder used by many local governments for data quality assurance  and open geocoding services.


Presented by:

Elaine Dawson, DataBC

Elaine is the Director of DataBC. She has an extensive public service career as a data management professional with a lead role in the development of the Provincial Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).  Advancing the Provinces’ EnterpriseGeographic service portfolio and the Open Data initiative are her two primary areas of focus. 

 Elaine chairs the DataBC Council, actively works with the Federal Government on advancing Geomatics, is a member of the interim Board for GeoAlliance Canada and is the current President of the Integrated Cadastral Information Society.

Greg Lawrance, DataBC

Greg has more than 25 years of public service experience as an IM/IT professional with expertise in geographic information systems, data cataloguing and software development.  Greg is the project lead for the BC Data Catalogue, a system that provides discovery for the data, APIs and applications of the provincial government. In this role he, and the innovative team at DataBC, spearhead provincial participation in: open source software projects, adoption of open and agile development methods, the use of modern code management, integration and testing techniques.

Greg also enjoys connecting directly with the local development community through hackathons and meet-ups.

Colin Newall, DataBC

Colin has over 20 years of experience working in both private and public sector IM/IT, with special expertise in geographic information and solutions.  Colin joined the BC Government in 2007 and is a strong advocate for using location information to improve government’s decision making.  He leads a team in DataBC that encourages and supports government agencies in making the most of their data and broadly sharing data with others. 

 Colin’s team has also delivered transformational services, such as the BC Physical Address Geocoder that was recognized, alongside the BC Data Catalogue, with the innovation award at the 2016 Canadian Open Data Summit held in New Brunswick.