Call for Expression of Interest: Strategic Planning Software

MISA BC is providing an exclusive opportunity for associate members to provide goods and services that generates value to all members, as well as providing an opportunity for vendor recognition and referencability

In 2017, MISA BC began a strategic planning process to guide the association over a three year period and to build on and extend its value provided to members. A cloud based  software solution is required to manage implementation of the plan, activity assignment to MISA BC volunteers, reporting and overall accountability to membership.

Key aspects of the solution should include:

  • Canadian hosted solution;
  • Intuitive and simple interface;
  • Ability to input strategies and visualize the alignment of related goals, objectives and initiatives;
  • Ability for users to update progress on assigned initiatives and objectives;
  • Due date email reminders for updates and deadlines;
  • Ability to measure performance based on balanced scorecard methodology;
  • Ability to create reports, including monthly executive board reports detailing progress on strategy execution; and,
  • Promote transparency and accountability to MISA BC members through association website, using embedded dashboards and indicators.

You are encouraged to read the full details on this Call for Expressions of Interest by clicking MISABC – EOI_Strategic_Planning_Software.

Your expression of interest should clearly and concisely indicate how your offering can meet the expressed needs of MISA BC, Submissions should not exceed three to five pages, excluding product brochures. MISA BC may choose not to consider any submissions exceeding this limit.

Any and all questions should be forwarded to Cheryl Trent, MISA BC Secretary at

This expression of interest is undertaken in compliance with the association’s policy titled MISA BC Associate Member Expression of Interest Process, dated October 24, 2017. MISA BC is committed to fairness, transparency and efficiency.


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