MISA BC exists to promote greater co-operation among local government staff in the Information Technology field. The goal of the Association is to share information, to develop common solutions and to distribute these on a broader and cost-effective scale.

MISA BC vision has 4 key objectives:

  • To promote the efficient and effective use of municipal information systems and technology
  • To provide a medium for communication for the interchange of information between members and interested persons or groups, leading to more efficient use of municipal information systems
  • To sponsor programs and conferences for the purposes of gathering and disseminating information and making available the special skills, knowledge and expertise of its members to those working with municipal information systems
  • To provide a formal interface between those working with municipal information systems and other levels of government for the purpose of exchanging information

Furthermore, the Association adheres to the following principles:

  • Members co-operate to share best practices, research and experience
  • Members obtain value for membership
  • Members enjoy participation, work and have fun
  • Members provide an opportunity for service providers to learn about the local government technology market and to develop mutually beneficial partnerships
  • The Association co-operates and collaborates with other organizations in the municipal field
  • The Association is client focused
  • Members share the workload equitably in the volunteer Executive